Jerry Logaras
Designer / Art Director


Optimistic, enthusiastic & passionate problem solver.

My other pursuit

My other pursuit


Speaking RGB and CMYK equally,

I consider myself an experienced, director-level designer who specializes in distinct communication and durable visual branding for enterprises of all shapes and sizes. Driven by a desire to make direct and durable impact while conveying the strengths of organizational brands, I've worked with many top companies including Abercrombie & Fitch, Bravo/NBC Universal, Chase Bank, Canon, Columbia University, Crate & Barrel, Deutsche Bank, McGraw-Hill, MTV/Viacom, Steppenwolf Theatre, and Victoria’s Secret Pink.

My early years working were spent honing my technical skills; subsequently I've dedicated to refining my craft and staying innovative in my approach. 

A clear and enthusiastic communicator who knows language is a powerful element of visual expression. I view every project as a challenge to push myself and my collaborators to build fresh, uniquely recognizable ideas that come to life; from elements of a single promotion to expanded national advertising campaigns.